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Dear students,

Neuroradiology is taught in the 3rd year of study as part of the cross section Imaging, Radiation Treatment, Radiation Protection (Q11) - (WS+SoS). Within Q11 we offer the following courses:

Mandatory courses

  • 3. Academic Year

WS Lectures (Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Radiotherapy and Neuroradiology)
SoS Seminars (Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Radiotherapy and Neuroradiology)

  • 6. Academic Year

PJ (radiology, neuroradiology and nuclear medicine)

Elective Courses

Starting with the winter semester 2021, we will offer an elective. The elective is aimed at all students in the clinical section and includes both the diagnostic spectrum of neuroradiology and practical interventional parts.

You can find an overview of our teaching topics in the elective subject hier.

You can find more information on the teaching platform Moodle.

You can download our teaching concept hier.

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