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We teach students of human medicine according to a learning goal-oriented concept, in which we highlight both the radiology-specific content and the interdisciplinary contexts to our adjoining subjects. In this respect, we provide insight into the state of the art in science and demonstrate translational concepts for the establishment of new examination and treatment methods.

Our teaching concept already tries to integrate the intended goals of the new licensing regulations and provides for the following forms of teaching:

  1. Lectures with hybrid digital/analog model
  2. Seminars with flipped classroom concept (digital preparation materials for defined learning objectives, whose practical application is accompanied in the seminar)
  3. Problem-based learning (POL)
  4. Fully digital case collection with integrated learning objective checks
  5. Video teaching for angiography and application in practical teaching (elective).
  6. Practical angiography teaching with flow models

Interdisciplinary teaching concepts with the clinics for neurology and neurosurgery are also planned.

In addition to teaching human medicine as a field of study, we are involved in teaching the Medical Systems Engineering program.

You can find out more about our teaching offers in the various subjects and our PJ/Famulatur offers via the links below.

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