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University Hospital for Neuroradiology

Welcome to the homepage of the University Department of Neuroradiology!

Neuroradiology is your contact partner for diagnostics and minimally invasive therapy of diseases and changes of the nervous system, i.e. of the brain and spinal cord, peripheral nerves and the immediate adjacent structures (e.g. the spine).

Diagnostically and therapeutically, the most modern methods and equipment are available for our patients. In addition to diagnostic neuroradiology, our clinic is characterized by a high level of expertise in minimally invasive neuroradiological therapy, both in the emergency treatment of strokes and in the elective treatment of aneurysms, vascular stenoses and vascular malformations.

Clinically and scientifically, we work closely with our partners from the Departments of Neurosurgery and Neurology (including Functional Network analysis - resting state MRI), as well as with the non-university institutes on campus (including DZNE as a clinical partner, STIMULATE research campus).

The training of postgraduate trainees takes place together with the radiology department. We are one of only a few locations in Germany to offer university training (radiology, nuclear medicine and neuroradiology) as a joint team. After becoming a specialist, full further training can be undertaken in neuroradiology.

We teach students of human medicine according to a learning goal-oriented concept, integrating modern teaching methods (partial digital flipped classroom, problem-oriented learning (POL), lectures and seminars). In addition, we are involved in the teaching of the Master's program in Medical Systems Engineering.

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